Jan. 7th, 2009

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Telephones are the bane of my life right now.

I'm trying to make two telephone calls this morning, both fairly difficult and scary ones (Centrelink and accountant, need I say more?), and I am being thwarted at every attempt. Ringing Centrelink gets me a constant busy signal, not even through to the queue, so they must be slammed. Calling my accountant gets "Service to the area you are calling is temporarily congested. Please try again later." What?! Would everyone else get off the damn phone, please??

Given that both of these calls require fortitude and a mental run-up to each attempt, this is Not Good for my adrenalin/stress levels. The lions are tired of being girt! *snarl*

In less frustrating but rather more amusing and embarrassing encounters, I've decided that mobile hands-free kits are just someone's clever way of ensuring people can make total tits of themselves in public. I mean, my stereo kit is not particularly obvious, particularly as I have long hair and wear dark clothes. In general, I look a lot like I'm talking to myself.

In one trip to BigW yesterday, I convinced several people I was a nutter of the random and faintly threatening non sequitur kind.

Robin and I were discussing the possibility of his losing weight until he was within the weight limits for a kids' inflatable hovercraft I saw.
"...you don't have that much to lose. I'm afraid we're going to have to start lopping bits off," right as I walked past a (fairly round) OAP, who gave me A Look. :/

At least when I rounded the corner of an aisle, saying "I'm so GREAT!" right in front of a dad putting his kid in a pram, the look was more bemused and less gimlet.


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