Feb. 22nd, 2009

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As facebook status says, it's a weird feeling, being back in Perth. Not really at home here, as I don't have a home, but neither am I quite settled into Melbourne yet. Though, if proverbs and songs are right, both hats and heart are in Melbourne so that should be happening any day now. :)

It was just gorgeous seeing Maeve and her daddy greet each other at the airport. This isn't an ideal solution for any of us, this transcontinental handover, but I'm really glad we've worked out some sort of workable arrangement for the meantime. She deals with flights unbelievably well for a toddler, though lollipops were administered for takeoff and landing.

I get home tomorrow night, very late, then start work first thing the next morning. I'm a little nervous, but also very excited.

Uni is just a big source of stress at the moment. I've done not nearly enough preparatory reading, and am stumped for a topic. I need to email my supervisor something along the lines of "I have just enough daycare to cover my 0.6 job, never mind interviews and proposals and ethics committees, can we come up with something library-based that will still get me a decent mark?" but no idea how to say that without sounding like a complete wuss. I've done a coursework masters whilst single-parenting and working, *I* know I'm not a wuss or lazy, but she doesn't know that. :)

Anyway, tomorrow will be full of breakfasts with old friends and meeting new babies and depositing macbook-and-bills destined cheques and possibly going into town before heading to the airport at 4.30pm to fly home. I'm really glad I have a day, but I'll also be glad to return home (see? gets easier every time) and start yet another facet of my new journey.


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