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OK, I'm up too late worrying, so I might as well obsess about something completely innocuous.

My hair.

Has anyone out there managed very long hair before? I haven't, this is the longest my hair has ever been in my life. It's mildly damaged due to the vagaries of a single mama lifestyle, i.e., "I have exactly 5 minutes to shower and be out of this house looking presentable, *rips brush through wet hair*", and so on.

I'd like to return to the style in this icon. It was dyed very dark brown (home job, using one box of dark brown and one of black, with the dyes amalgamated then applied), with a few loose extensions in weird colours.

What I don't know is if I should cut it. See, I have about 2 inches of damaged ends. Issues: I actually prefer the pre-Raphaelite look of non-blunt ends, but I don't want layers, either. I assume replicating that will involve hacking off 2 inches, then going into it with the texturing scissors, and I'm worried I'll lose more length than I'm happy with.

Or, should I say bugger it, and try the blunt cut for a while? A fringe? Layers? Bleh, no clue, ideas welcome. Anyone have recommendations (Perth or Melb) for a hairdresser that will listen when you say "don't take more than [blah]cm off"?

And no, I'm not cutting it back into that spiky-at-the-back, anime-fringe-at-the-front deal, but thank you to those of you who liked it. :P

on 2009-01-18 09:02 pm (UTC)
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When you get over here, go see Tess. She cuts and colours my hair for $100, which is great value, and she's lovely.

Yep, you will have to hack it off to get it looking good again. But have a chat with Tess and see what happens.

on 2009-01-18 10:52 pm (UTC)
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Yes, you do need to cut those ends off or it will just get worse. I should follow my own advice, btw. Anyway, my understanding is that once it's damaged at the ends, you run the risk of the damage traveling up the hair shaft as it grows. Sooo, the best thing to do is just hack off the problem before it gets worse. I vote for the trim and texturing scissors. It'll be better for it and you have enough length that 2cm or so wouldn't make *too* much difference. I couldn't imagine you with layers unless, perhaps, they were just a few face framing layers . . . that could be nice. Not too many, though, your hair is fine and too many layers around the face would take too much from the back, I think. However, I do think you look really nice with your hair all pulled back with no layers to fall out around your face. I'm jealous of that, lol.

Now, you have to help me with my hair woes. :) I'm hoping someone will suggest a Perth hairdresser here . . .

on 2009-01-19 02:12 pm (UTC)
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Yes, all wise words. I wouldn't go back to severe layers, I hated it. Ended up with a blunt bob for ages because I wanted the stupid flippy layered look GONE. :D

on 2009-01-18 11:10 pm (UTC)
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If you had curly hair I'd be able to tell you the perfect hairdresser. The only one I've Ever Had who had known how to cut curly hair properly, rather than pulling it straight and chopping like most. I <3 my hairdresser.

on 2009-01-18 11:22 pm (UTC)
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I have a fabulous hairdresser called Gemma, who works at Christian James', in Mount Lawley. I love her. She is so cute, and I have never had such lovely hair cuts. And she will listen to what you want. It's a bit expensive though, $70 for a cut. But worth it.

hello from another long hair person

on 2009-01-18 11:27 pm (UTC)
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Yep, the fucked bits are fucked whatever you do. You'll have to get them cut off.

Don't touch it 'til you get to a hairdresser, or you'll have to get more off to trim the hacked bits into shape.

If you are worried that they'll not do what you want -- well, it's always a worry.

Slightly OT -- I find it best to pick a hairdresser that has a haircut that flatters him/her -- I've always had good experiences when I've chosen one whose haircut looks gorgeous on them.

Insert obligatory aesthetic criticism: It is a dreadful shame that you don't go back to the other haircut. Talk about complementing and flattering your face! I had severe envy -- it's so rare you see someone with THE haircut that suits them perfectly.

Re: hello from another long hair person

on 2009-01-19 02:07 pm (UTC)
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Thank you! But my face is a bit different now, too, and it required upkeep like whoa.

Re: hello from another long hair person

on 2009-01-19 02:12 pm (UTC)
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all good, i figured it had. I know how easy it is for me to go "twirl hair, use clasp" plus 3-mthly haircuts.
Although it was very nice *not* to have to tie my hair up before i went to bed. i remember having v short hair...

on 2009-01-19 03:47 am (UTC)
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How long do you call "very long"? I've managed near-waist-length hair for a fair while in the past. Our hair/scalps seem fairly different, though, so I'm not sure how much use I can be. I managed it by doing regular hair treatments (about weekly), either with jojoba oil or with homemade body butter mixed with aloe very (from the plant).

I totally agree with those who recommend saying goodbye to the damaged bits - you can't fix them, and they'll just knot and annoy you.

Edited on 2009-01-19 03:47 am (UTC)

on 2009-01-19 02:11 pm (UTC)
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Hmm, shall I try your geranium body butter in my hair, perhaps? Don't have an aloe vera plant at the moment though.

Don't know what yours is like, but my scalp's oily, and I have a lot of VERY fine, tangly hair. And by "very long", I mean almost-waist length, yes.

on 2009-01-19 02:34 pm (UTC)
ext_4241: (Default)
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Lots of fine tangly hair and oily/dermatitis-y scalp here, too, except I tolerate shampoo well (and do _very_ badly on no-shampoo). I always shampoo after the body butter treatment, otherwise it leaves things very greasy. You could treat just the bottom half of your hair and wash it out carefully, perhaps?

Given the essential oil component, test on a small bit first if you're going to try this. But you knew that.

on 2009-01-19 04:59 am (UTC)
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I reckon let Maeve have a go. That way you will end up with a blunt cut, yet with a few layers too.
But really, I think that you should just get the ends tidied up, do a bit of dyeing.

on 2009-01-19 02:08 pm (UTC)
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You're thinking what I'm thinking, pretty much. Ends cut (not by Maeve, though), go back to dark.

on 2009-01-19 07:21 am (UTC)
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What about a Lily Allen style -

on 2009-01-19 02:09 pm (UTC)
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Don't think I can do a blunt fringe - I still have quite oily skin, I'd be washing it every day just to keep it from sticking to me or clumping unattractively.

on 2009-01-19 02:46 pm (UTC)
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I agree with all the others - get ends sorted out and then the texturing scissors - I have a great hair dresser in Mt Hawthorn - Topp Nott, Lette is the owner but she had a baby in October so I doubt she is cutting right now... however, she was going to hire a manager to hold the fort while she's on mat leave so that person should be good. I haven't cut my hair since about June (eek!) I am losing so much of it each time I shower now it's scary! Stupid post pregnancy side effects. However, what is left is quite long now past the shoulders and it hasn't been that long in years although you wouldn't know it cos it's always tied back and pinned up, seems to be the do of choice for mums heh :)

Long hair

on 2009-01-19 05:15 pm (UTC)
Posted by (Anonymous)
I remember those oily-scalp-fringe-plastered-to-forehead days (mine was exactly the same - which I guess makes sense, given we're sisters). The cowlick just adds to the fun. Honestly, the only way I've found to convince my (long-ish) hair NOT to stick to my scalp / forehead is to
(1) damage it deliberately with highlighting (will colour do the same thing?)
(2) use lots of hair products and blow dry the crap out of them
(3) layers
Since none of these are up your alley (and on washing-day take longer than 5 minutes) I'm not sure what to suggest.

I do like the Lily Allen look though!

on 2009-01-19 06:46 pm (UTC)
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Yes, you should probably get any split ends trimmed; so should I! It's always a problem with long hair... As far as avoiding the blunt-cut look, I find that if I get it trimmed straight/blunt when it's wet and combed right down flat, once it dries then the natural movement of my hair means that I wind up with a more textured look -- whether I want it or not! That might not work so well for you, though; depends on how your hair reacts.

I'll always remember the haircut where I asked for it to be cut straight across the back, no more than two inches off, and the hairdresser cut it into a pointy v-shape which necessitated another four inches off to straighten out myself once I got home! These days I get it done at home when I've just washed it, by someone I trust...

on 2009-01-20 10:44 am (UTC)
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Now Im wondering whether a clip in fringe might do the you a bit more 'bulk' and can remove after the occasion...
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