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A couple of weeks back, [ profile] maggishness offered up some BPAL imps for sale. I've been wanting to try some BPAL scents for ages; I like the aesthetic and humour behind the blends and scent descriptions.

Of the imps Maggie offered, I yoinked Dee, Veil, Wanton, Hetairae, Aizen-Myoo, Ouija, Desdemona and Belladonna. In a happy coincidence, I opened my letterbox on my birthday, and there was the stinky little parcel. On opening the package, BAM!, smacked in the face with a high fruit scent like cherry blossom. Oh Aizen-Myoo, you diva. SHUT UP.

I've only tried a couple of them so far, but am greatly enjoying the experiments and the journey towards discovering my "signature scent"!

Dee: I had been most interested in trying Dee, as I love leather and paper and book scents, so it was the first one to be sampled. In the bottle, it was wet green, leather and faintly cigarettes (I get cranky at people who smoke around poor innocent books, so I'm kinda glad that note disappeared). Phwoar. I want to smooch it already. Put some on my wrist, and all of a sudden I smell like someone I'd happily follow home. And cook breakfast for in the morning. And probably buy lunch. Leather, incense, a bit of a wine scent. No floral at all, thank goodness (I'm learning that my particular body chemistry seems to skew all BPAL scents floral-wise). It dried down and faded off to basic musk, a men's deodorant smell, but I don't mind it. But wet and fresh, it's amazing. Tempted to get 5ml of this.

Ouija: Helloooo, Grandma. And I'm not talking your velour-pantsuit-wearing, bingo-playing, Probus-club-attending grandma. I mean your grandma who wears dark lace shawls and has mysterious spare rooms where the windows are shut and light filters through dusty curtains and there's interesting boxes under the beds and dried roses and she makes odd-tasting "tea" and probably has a real witch's bottle buried by the front step. OK so it goes a bit powdery lilac on me, but I like it. Very musty Victorian bedroom. I'll have to be in a particular mood to wear it, and probably wearing pointy boots and a lace skirt, but this is a keeper, I think.

Hetairae: Bleh. Smells like high school. Dunno what note it is, but I'm totally missing the honey and patchouli by which this is meant to be defined. OK, there's honey, but it's a sickly green-perfumey honey. To me, it's dominated by one of those resiny scents; myrrh? Amber? Something like that. Anyway, whatever it is, it hauls me arse-backwards into year 11, and frankly, I can do without that scent memory. :D


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