Jan. 19th, 2009

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OK, I'm up too late worrying, so I might as well obsess about something completely innocuous.

My hair.

Has anyone out there managed very long hair before? I haven't, this is the longest my hair has ever been in my life. It's mildly damaged due to the vagaries of a single mama lifestyle, i.e., "I have exactly 5 minutes to shower and be out of this house looking presentable, *rips brush through wet hair*", and so on.

I'd like to return to the style in this icon. It was dyed very dark brown (home job, using one box of dark brown and one of black, with the dyes amalgamated then applied), with a few loose extensions in weird colours.

What I don't know is if I should cut it. See, I have about 2 inches of damaged ends. Issues: I actually prefer the pre-Raphaelite look of non-blunt ends, but I don't want layers, either. I assume replicating that will involve hacking off 2 inches, then going into it with the texturing scissors, and I'm worried I'll lose more length than I'm happy with.

Or, should I say bugger it, and try the blunt cut for a while? A fringe? Layers? Bleh, no clue, ideas welcome. Anyone have recommendations (Perth or Melb) for a hairdresser that will listen when you say "don't take more than [blah]cm off"?

And no, I'm not cutting it back into that spiky-at-the-back, anime-fringe-at-the-front deal, but thank you to those of you who liked it. :P


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