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You see, [ profile] middle_marker and I had grand plans today. They consisted of a leisurely lie-in, wandering around a few local auctions/home opens and getting a feel for the market, meeting [ profile] whooz_queen and taking a trip to the Reptile Expo, then heading to DFO for sheets (J.) and boots/coat (me'n'Elflet).

It was all going fine until we pulled up at the third auction for the morning. The first two had been interesting (a fairly solid market still, they both sold, and for decent prices). As we drew up at the third house, the one we'd really wanted to see and had been waiting for for weeks, my vision started to go weird. Just in my right eye, and just up the top. It was a zigzag moving distortion, like I was walking past textured glass. I mentioned it to R., and got out of the car. As we walked up to the gate, I said, "um, my peripheral vision is going." By the time we'd collected the info and had looked at one room, I covered my left eye, looked at Robin and couldn't really see out of that eye at all. I was on the verge of panic and felt a bit wobbly, and he turned me right round and headed for the car to take me to hospital. Now comes the ridiculous the time we hit Sydney Road, I was okay again.

I felt a bit stupid by this point, apologising for drama over nothing, but we went to the local GP (who seems nice), who said it wasn't to be taken lightly and that I was to go to RMH's Emergency dept. We caught the tram in, sat around for ages. At this point I was pissed off and miserable that I'd ruined a fun day for no good reason, and also by the faint possibility that there was Something Wrong. Saw a nice doctor who dilated my pupils and said that the arteries in my eyes looked fine, the ones in my neck sounded fine and oh, btw, you didn't grow out of that heart murmur, you still have one. Apparently we had to check that I wasn't having a stroke. :D But I wasn't. What I *did* have was a textbook Ocular or Retinal Migraine. WEIRD AS HELL, and quite scary. But if it happens again, at least I know what it is!

We left the hospital just in time to throw ourselves onto a tram out to the Showgrounds, and I got to catch the last half hour of the Expo. Saw a few gorgeous herps, I LOVE the yellow and black jungles, they're divine (no chameleons though, sorry J!). Bit bitey for a first snake though, so I was pleased to note that the wee baby stimmies were as cute as I hoped. Saw the Sandfire and Pilbara types. I'd be happy with any of the WA locales, but I do love the wheatbelts.

No time for DFO today, but we'll head out tomorrow instead, [ profile] whooz_queen, the Elflet (yay she's back tomorrow!!!) and me. So, not a TOTAL wreck of a day, but sure not how I planned it!

There is a LOT to post about in terms of what's been happening in the last week or two, particularly Elflet's first trip back to Perth, going to see Wicked (phenomenal, go see it if you can), the adjustment to working/studying/mama-ing/co-habiting in a new city, but right now, I need to sleep. Night! xo

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Im just thoroughly relieved you're okay!! *HUGS*

More genetic fun!

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Poor darling. Sucks that your heart murmur is still present. But good to know. Regarding the migraine - Mum used to get them, and I get them too. Your description is right on! I have described it in the past as looking through a sheet of clear glass with a jagged crack - and the light difracts through that jagged bit. If you get one again, you might also notice the same effect starting in the other eye too, in what appears to be the same location in your vision. Don't worry - it's just more of the same. It is pretty disconcerting and disorienting when you aren't used to it! It might be a once off, or you might find yourself getting them fairly frequently for a while. Try to avoid lots of bright light when it happens, and relax as mush as possible. While it isn't fun (and if it's really bad, driving isn't the best idea), if you can recognize the signs early enough, you can take steps to prevent it getting really bad. This will mean it becomes a managable inconvenience, rather than a total pain in the ass.

Love, g.

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Oh, scary shit. My Mum suffers from migraines, they apparently do some very weird things to vision. Glad you're good now - and what a good doctor for picking up on your heart thing too. Thank god we have Medicare eh?

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i'm glad you're ok. you did the right thing by going to the hospital. it really could have been a lot of different things causing symptoms like that. i'm glad they checked for stroke, because loss of vision is a very common thing when that kind of shit goes down.
meanwhile, are you thinking of looking in on the sydney road street party today? i have a dumb family thing this morning, but we were thinking we'd go this afternoon. give us a text if you end up heading down there x
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[ profile] conradin trekked into the CBD with Maeve so I could see her in my lunchbreak! (And she made me jump in puddles, resulting in the dampest work heels evar!)

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Ok, your description fit what happened to me way better than my lousy attempts at describing it. Only, I got the pain and nausea afterward. I maintain that it is mighty freaky that we both got migraines like that within 24 hours of each other. Lets hope neither of us get them again!