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Time for my naked scene? Oh wait, my life's not a musical.


So, for the first time in almost four years, I've had a haircut.

This was taken in October 2005. I was 8 months pregnant, and had just had my hair recut into the angled bob, grown out from a more anime short'n'spiky back, long floppy fringe look. It was stark black, with purply-blue loose extensions.

*cue wobbly-screen time passing effect* Four years later, I'd not had a haircut in all that time. A baby, a divorce, new job, a move, another new job... I'd just never gotten around to having it cut, and long hair to tie back and forget was actually easier than a short cut which needed styling. A couple of months ago, this is what it had grown into.

March 2009.
The colour looks much nicer in this pic than it really was. It just wasn't that red. Also, the ends ended up reaching the top of my bottom by the time it was cut, but they were so tapered and damaged, they didn't look that long, and kept snapping off every time I brushed it.

*another wobbly time effect*

27 June, 2009.
I had the ends chopped off a few days ago. Oh, it felt better. But with my 30th coming up, I felt like going back to crazy hair. I've always liked my hair dark (not true black, I don't think it looks as good against my skin as darkest brown), and playing with the ends means I don't lose a lot if I end up hating it (which I don't, I love it :)). The ends are more red/purple (SFX's Burgundy Wine) than pink, the colour's a bit wonky here.

Not back for a 1/3 life crisis, eh?

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I like it! Was this DIY, or did you go somewhere to get it done?


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